Each special story comes from a small project, which over time becomes a great reality.
Athena Gioielli is a perfect example of this, of how in 1984 a small workshop is the setting for a dream that has been transformed to become an Italian excellence of Made in Italy, the reins firmly held by the Muratori family.

Natural silver is the absolute protagonist of Athena, a noble and precious material shaped and worked with inspiration and painstaking patience. Natural silver, not distorted by galvanic processes, becomes an imagined and then real form between facets and light, between harmony and inspiration, it becomes a special and avant-garde jewel, tells of worlds past or in the making, reinvents itself in every collection by touching styles different, anticipating or revisiting them.
The jewels are all unique pieces, sometimes hammered and worked on the surface to enhance the harmonious shapes and the play of light, the art is expressed line after line while the design is studied and developed with extreme care and passion.

Athena jewels are timeless artifacts, dedicated to those who love making unconventional choices.

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