Avant-garde, revolution, innovation, fashion system are the values ​​of a brand like Paul Edward, always focused on the pursuit of new lifestyles and consumption.

In the various souls of this collection, well represented by the individual buildings and their “fathers” architects, arouses in the mind of those who observe it, what today London manages to arouse in observing such daring works of human ingenuity.

Inspired by today’s London Urban scenario, where the cultural heritage of a civilization that has held together historical memory and futuristic challenge, only in the light of this hybrid, it is possible to make sense of an urban scenario that includes Modern Tate (a jewel of regenerated architecture) and the conical Swiss Re Tower the “erotic cucumber”, the new headquarters of the Lloyds and the pharaonic and gross complex of the Millenium Dome, the imposing Canary Tower branch of the City transported on the South Bank.

To these challenges and to this city Paul Edward wanted to dedicate this collection, to its palaces and its architects because they have been able to interpret the “becoming “Of a city projected into the new millennium.


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