The name Berillo comes from the Greek word“ berillos ”and means “ blue-green ” gemstone.

Beryl is a mineral of the silicates class, known for its highly prized gem varieties.

To the Beryl family belong, among other gems, lo Emerald , the Aquamarine , la Morganite , the Goshenite , the Bixbite , the Heliodorus and the Yellow Beryl .

Among the numerous deposits we can mention South America, Africa and Pakistan.

The Beryl is an allochromatic gem, that is hetero colored. An absolutely pure beryl is therefore transparent, as the typical colors are caused by coloring elements that do not belong to the normal crystalline structure. Beryl is known for its perfect, hexagonal crystals with six-sided prisms. The Beryls can therefore be cut into different shapes; for some varieties particular cuts are preferred, such as the Emerald cut, which was conceived exclusively for this variety of Beryl.

Some Beryls show phenomena such as Asterism (Star Effect) and Cat Attitude (Cat’s Eye Effect).

Beryls have a hardness ranging from 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale.

• How to care for jewels with Beryls

beryls should only be subjected to traditional treatments and steam cleaning.


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