Calfskin is one of the most exclusive and versatile of all the materials used in the watch industry. The wide range offered varies from sporty calfskin – with absolute technical characteristics and an extremely uniform surface – to traditional natural leathers with a deliberately unaltered surface to enhance its originality.

The leathers used have a natural grain enhanced by a manufacturing and finishing process carried out by hand by expert craftsmen.

Thanks to the singularity of these materials, each one has a specific shade of color and grain, making each strap a unique, inimitable and refined treasure.

In the production process, the hides can undergo three different types of processing: tanning, dyeing and finishing. Each of these has the purpose of making the leathers resistant to external agents and giving them the final aesthetic appearance.
Usually the leather straps have a padding that consists in folding the inner part to obtain a three-dimensional structure.

The straps in natural leather, such as the Absolutely and the Ponte Vecchio, are characterized, depending on the model, by the so-called vintage padding that draws inspiration from the original models of the past.

It is a single layer of leather folded on itself and sewn by hand.

The calfskin straps are available in a wide selection of finishes and colors, thus adapting to all occasions.

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