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Each of us has a pair of wings, but only those who dream learn to fly.

In the “NIKE” collection, Maria Cristina Sterling gives life to silver through the celestial touch of an Angel. Transforming the concept of jewelry while maintaining tradition and combining it with a contemporary and clean design. The simplicity of the lines leads back to the exciting purity of this divine image brought to us with a clear and precious sign. One wing to dream, two wings to love. This is how silver covers the divine feathers of an angel’s wings that will always remain with you. Among the tasks of the angels there was to guide and protect man through time, today Nike protect your love, your friendship, your affections. It gives life to new dreams and encourages the elegance of the forms of nature.

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Collection: “Nike”
Length: 50 centimeters
Product material: Silver 925 ‰
Closing Carabiner
Bracelet processing: Entirely handmade, Made in Italy

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Weight0,200 kg
Dimensions11 × 11 × 3 cm


Maria Cristina Sterling

Maria Cristina Sterling Luxury Fashion Women's jewelry in silver (925). Discover the symbolic and original world of Maria Cristina Sterlig. Many models and collections of handcrafted jewels designed by Alessandro Magrino.


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