Bracelet “Damasco” – MariaCristina Sterling – G3532

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Ancient beauty that is reborn.

The elegance of the lines, soft and imaginative, the purity and uniqueness of the gold and silver that cover them, the Damasco collection is ancient and supreme elegance that is reborn in our time. Inspired by the richly decorated and handcrafted noble fabric, Damasco is dedicated to the sophisticated man who does not seek refinement in series. Reserved for the nobility and as precious as gold, the Damascus fabric spread from Syria all over the world; created to inspire and enrich the wearer, the Damasco collection reflects the canons of uniqueness and refinement of the story it represents, giving the wearer a sophisticated and unrepeatable allure: the soft leather, the damask design created exclusively by Alessandro Magrino are synonymous of high quality and excellence and this is reflected in the wearer of these jewels. Damascus, the ancient and precious beauty that is reborn in the wearer.

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Collection: “Damasco”
Length: 19 + 3cm
Product material: 925 ‰ silver, leather cord
Bracelet processing: Entirely handmade, Made in Italy

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Weight 0,200 kg
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 3 cm


Maria Cristina Sterling

Maria Cristina Sterling Luxury Fashion Women's jewelry in silver (925). Discover the symbolic and original world of Maria Cristina Sterlig. Many models and collections of handcrafted jewels designed by Alessandro Magrino.


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