Necklace “My saint” – MariaCristina Sterling – G3920

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The power of the good contains in itself the sublime and the infinite.
The moment when good triumphs over evil. The moment when the clouds open and the sun peeps out. The peace that only silence can give. The courage of a man who fights against his fears, obstacles… and wins. PAX is the jewel that symbolizes willpower, that feeling of liberation and courage that only man can have in the most valiant moment of his life. PAX comes to life from the ancient legend of St. Benedict, represents the word that accompanies its symbol in every medal and enhances its virtues.
PAX is the motto of the Cassinese congregation and then of the entire Benedictine Order, St. Benedict with his faith defeated the attacks of the devil. Thanks to the symbol of his cross, a man found the courage and strength to reject evil. So today, this jewel rich in meaning increases positive thoughts and nourishes the will, removes the negative that surrounds us and reminds us, in every moment, for what and who we must fight for. The ancient
tempering silver processing, the mystical power of semi-precious stones and the beauty of a collection, dedicated to all the daring men who measure themselves every day.
Men who find and instill courage, men who live and protect. PAX is a symbol of liberation from all cowardice that leaves no room for insecurities; a unique jewel to wear and keep, a gift for yourself and for those closest to your heart.

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Collection: “My saint”
Length: 65 centimeters
Product material: Silver 925 ‰
Closing Carabiner
Bracelet processing: Entirely handmade, Made in Italy

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Weight 0,200 kg
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 3 cm


Maria Cristina Sterling

Maria Cristina Sterling Luxury Fashion Women's jewelry in silver (925). Discover the symbolic and original world of Maria Cristina Sterlig. Many models and collections of handcrafted jewels designed by Alessandro Magrino.


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