Rado has a mission: to transform what seemed like dream visions into concrete reality. With this crazy idea in mind, the brand has pursued its ideal. And it has made it concrete, consolidating its “mission” over time.

By investing in technological innovation, attention to materials and the design of watches, Rado has created some of the most important watchmaking pieces of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

The stages of Rado's watchmaking innovations start in 1961 when, with the Diastar 1, the company produced one of the first scratch-resistant watches in the world.

Subsequently, in 1986, Rado created the first Integral, a watch with square lines that introduced the use of ceramic (hypoallergenic and lightweight material) in the products of the Swiss company.

Ceramics that Rado will subsequently modify with a process called “plasma”: when introduced into a kiln that reaches temperatures of 20,000 ° C, the ceramic is transformed into a material with a shiny and metallic color. All without the use or addition of other materials.


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